Special Session 1

Topic: Biomedical Instrumentation and Signal Processing for Disease Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment

The special session will accept quality submissions on the contribution to the advancement of Biomedical instrumentations for biomedical signals acquisition, novel signal or image analysis and processing techniques to denoise biomedical signals such as ECG, EEG, EMG, PPG, EOG, ECoG, or images such as fMRI, X-Ray, CT-Scan, USG images, etc., application of machine learning and deep learning for classification and prediction of different events or for detection and diagnosis of different diseases by utilizing biomedical signals and images.

Related topics (Main topics are below but not limited to these topics only):

  • Analog frontend design for the acquisition of bio-signals
  • Machine learning and deep learning for their application on biomedical signals and images
  • Advanced signal processing techniques such as wavelet transform, EMD, ICA, PCA, etc. for analyzing biomedical signals and images
  • EEG, ECG, EMG, EOG, PPG, PCG, and other biomedical signals.
  • fMRI, CT-Scan, X-Ray, USG and other biomedical images.
  • System-level design for applications in healthcare, specially in diagnosis or treatment.
  • Digital design for processing and classifying biomedical signals and images
  • BCI for rehabilitation and treatment, e.g. stroke rehabilitation.
  • Electrical and Magnetic Stimulation techniques for treatment or rehabilitation of different neurological diseases, such as Parkinson, Epilepsy, Stroke, etc.
  • Wearable and implantable electronic devices continuous health monitoring, detection, or prevention of diseases.

    Special Session Chair

    Assoc. Prof. Md. Kafiul Islam (SMIEEE)

    Independent University, Bangladesh

    Biography: Dr. Md Kafiul Islam has received his B.Sc. in EEE from Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Gazipur, Bangladesh in 2008 and completed his PhD from Dept. of ECE, NUS, Singapore in the area of Neural Signal Processing back in 2015. Currently he is serving as an Associate Professor and Course Coordinator in the Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Independent University, Bangladesh. His research interests include biomedical instrumentation and signal processing, neural signal processing, brain-computer interface (BCI), etc. He is actively involved as a TPC member of several international conferences, and he reviews Journal articles frequently. He is also involved as a member of the Editorial Board of several journals. He is an Associate Editor of IEEE Access, Guest Associate Editor of Special issue in Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience. He has served as TPC Chair of ICAEE 2019, TPC Secretary of ICAEE 2017, Publication Chair of IEEE SPICSCON 2019, Track Co-Chair and Session Chair of IEEE TENSYMP 2020, Track Co-Chair of ICAICT 2020. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, IEEE EMBS and IEEE SPS Society. He is the Branch Counselor of IEEE IUB Student Branch since 2020 and won the Best branch counselor award from IEEE BD Section in 2020. He is an active Professional Volunteer of IEEE Bangladesh Section. He is a Publons/WoS Academy Mentor and winner of Publons/WoS Top Reviewer in the Multidisciplinary area in 2017. He has published more than 50 (in total) peer reviewed journal articles, conference papers and book chapters with Google Scholar Citations of 1145+ and impact factor contribution of around 40+. Dr. Islam has won several best paper/presentation awards in IEEE conferences such as ICCIT 2018 at UIU, Dhaka, ICDPR 2020 at NTU, Singapore, ETCCE 2020 at UIU, Dhaka, ICCCAS 2022 in Singapore, and Best Abstract in IEEE CS BDS Summer Symposium 2022. His research has also been recognized by IUB during Employee Recognition Awards in 2020 where he has won Publication Excellence in all three categories: journal articles, conference proceedings and book chapters.
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