Online | May 13-15, 2022

The 11th International Conference on Communications, Circuits and Systems (ICCCAS 2022) was originally planned to be held in Singapore. Because of covid, the conference was finally held online during May 13-15, 2022 with success. The conference program consists of 4 keynote speeches, 20 invted speeches and 7 oral sessions. Participants actively took part in the discussion. ICCCAS 2022 created a good platform for the students, researchers and engineers to interact with each other. Thank you for everyone's support and contribution!  

ICCCAS 2022 Group Photo

Opening remarks delivered by Prof. Maode Ma, Qatar University, Qatar

Prof. Franco Maloberti (IEEE Life Fellow), Univeristy of Pavia, Italy
Speech Title: Single Inductor Multiple Output DC-DC Converters for Integrated Systems
Prof. Massimo Alioto (FIEEE), National University of Singapore, Singapore
Speech Title: Green Technologies for Intelligent and Connected Systems at the Trillion Scale - Without Trillions of Batteries
Prof. Xianbin Wang (FIEEE), Western University, Canada
Speech Title: Intelligent and Tailored Service Provisioning in 5G/6G Enabled Vertical Industries icated Arrays and Their Applications
Prof. Qiang Li, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China
Speech Title: Number of Oscillation Cycles (NOC): A New Paradigm for VCO-based Comparison

20 Invited Speakers delivered excellent speeches at the conference. Thank you for their sharing and contribution!

Closing remarks made by Prof. Maode Ma, Qatar University, Qatar. Firstly, he thanked all the keynote & invited speakers for their wonderful speeches as well as session chairs for their help in chairing sessions. Afterwards, he announced the best presentation and best reviewer awards.

Best Student Paper Award

Paper Title: A 0.5 V Inverter-Based Analog Output-Capacitorless Low-Dropout Regulator with Bulk-Driven Transient-Enhancing Paths
Authors: Jinhen Lee and Pak Kwong Chan
Presenter: Mr. Jinhen Lee, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Best Reviewer Awards

☆ Prof. Haruo Kobayashi
Gunma University, Japan

☆ Assoc. Prof. Zan Li
Jilin University, China

☆ Assoc. Prof. Jie Huang
Southeast University, China

☆ Assoc. Prof. Md. Kafiul Islam
Independent University, Bangladesh


Best Presentation Awards

☆ Session 1:
Dr. Donny Cheng Lock Soh
Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore
Improving Operational Processes for COVID-19 Ready Smart Campus
☆ Session 2:
Mr. Yimin Wu
Fudan University, China
Analysis and Cancellation of Crosstalk in Multi-Channel Pipelined-SAR ADCs
☆ Session 3:
Assoc. Prof. Md Kafiul Islam
Independent University, Bangladesh
Skin Disease Screening System based on Smartphone Captured Images using Deep Learning
☆ Session 4:
Mr. Arian Nowbahari
University of South-Eastern Norway, Norway
Nano-Power Monostable-Based Wake-Up Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks

☆ Session 5:
Mr. Fuchun Jia
Xidian University, China
The Improvement Breakdown Voltage of Gan on Si Pin Diode by Stepped Sidewall Treated with Fluorine Plasma
☆ Session 6:
Assoc. Prof. Chao Chen
Purdue University Fort Wayne, United States
Impact of Noise and Nonlinearity on Analog Self-Interference Cancellation in In-Band Full-Duplex Communications
☆ Session 7:
Mr. Lingzhi Su
Agency for Science, Technology and Research(A*STAR), Singapore
An Energy-Efficient Processing Element Design for Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture on FPGA


Conference Proceedings  


ICCCAS 2022 Conference Proceedings - Cover