ICCCAS 2024 Invited Speaker

Haijun Lin

Xiamen University of Technology, China

Biography: Haijun LIN received the B.S., M.S., and Ph. D. degrees in electrical engineering from Gunma University, Japan in 2004, 2006 and 2010 respectively. He worked as a design engineer in Freescale Semiconductor R&D Center in Japan, and as a researcher in Fujitsu Research Institute in Japan. Now he is Associate Professor of Xiamen University of Technology. His main research interests focus on design of analog integrated circuits, such as high-speed communication interface circuits, high-speed, high-resolution ADC and other high-end analog integrated circuits.
Speech Title: Design Consideration of High Speed and High Resolution ADC

Abstract: With the development of signal processing intelligence applications, data conversion speed of higher than 1Gsps, resolution of more than 12Bit ADCs are increasingly in demand. At present, pipeline and SAR structures are popular in high-speed, high-resolution ADC research. Our design presented here uses a 2-channel time-interleaved pipelined structure with analog and digital calibration techniques to realize a 1Gsps, 12Bit ADC with TSMC 40nm CMOS process. Its SNDR of 62dB was achieved at an input signal frequency of 476MHz. Further with the demand for SOC, the ADC design using SAR and hybrid SAR technology with more advanced processes will be the future trend, and hence this paper also discusses circuit architectures, calibration methods and circuit implementation techniques for this type of design.