ICCCAS 2024 Invited Speaker

Songting Li

National University of Defense Technology, China

Biography: Songting Li is an associate researcher at the School of Aerospace Science and Technology of the National University of Defense Technology, and his main research interests are the design and implementation of space-air-ground-sea integrated Internet of Things, satellite-based electronic payload design, RF/analog and hybrid integrated circuit design, digital signal processing, etc. He has long-term experience in RF/analog and hybrid integrated circuit design, and has successively developed multi-mode navigation RF chips, RF/baseband integrated SoC chips, RFID tag chips with independent intellectual property rights, power management chips, etc. He has published more than 40 academic papers, applied for/authorized more than 30 national invention patents, published 2 monographs, won 1 software copyright, won 1 provincial and ministerial science and technology progress special prize, and 1 first prize.
李松亭,国防科技大学空天科学学院副研究员,主要研究方向为天临空地海一体化物联网设计与实现,星基电子载荷设计,射频模拟与混合集成电路设计,数字信号处理等。 担任某型号卫星主载荷主任设计师以及多个型号卫星载荷的设计任务,具有长期的射频模拟以及混合集成电路设计经验,先后研发出多模导航射频芯片、射频基带一体化SoC芯片、具有自主知识产权的RFID标签芯片、电源管理芯片等。发表学术论文40余篇,申请/授权国家发明专利30余项,出版专著2部,获软件著作权1项,获省部级科技进步特等奖1项,一等奖1项。