Special Session 4 (CFP Flyer)

Topic: Integrated Technology for Maritime Positioning, Navigation, Timing, Communication and Remote Sensing 海洋通导感知一体化技术

Introduction: In response to the demands of comprehensive navigation, marine resources development and ocean observation, developing an intelligent system with integrated multiplexing of Maritime Positioning, Navigation, Timing, Communication and Remote Sensing (PNTCR), gradually establishing an integrated theory and technology system of communication, navigation and remote sensing.

 Submission Link: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=icccas2024

Special Session Chairs

Anmin Zhang

Tianjin University, China

Biography: Zhang Anmin, Endowed professor, serves as PhD student tutor and the Director of the Department of Ocean Technology at the School of Marine Science and Technology, Tianjin University. The research focuses on GIS, E-Navigation, and Integrated land and sea Communications, Navigation, and Remote Sensing. With over 30 academic papers published in high-level journals, as a reviewer for journals such as "Ocean Engineering" and "Journal of Marine Science and Engineering." Enjoying special government allowances from the State Council. He is recognized as a participant in the "the New Century National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project" and serves as the director of the Port Environmental Monitoring Engineering Technology Center in Tianjin. He holds the position of Chairman of the Applied Oceanography Professional Committee of the China Ocean Development Research Association. Additionally, he is the Chief Scientist of a national key research and development project.
张安民,讲席教授,天津大学海洋科学与技术学院海洋技术系主任、博士生导师,研究方向为GIS、e-航海、陆海一体化通导感知,在高水平刊物发表学术论文30余篇,担任《Ocean Engineering》、《Journal of Marine Science and Engineering》等期刊审稿人。享受国务院政府特殊津贴,“新世纪百千万人才工程国家级人选”,天津市港口环境监测工程技术中心主任,中国海洋发展研究会应用海洋学专业委员会理事长,国家重点研发首席科学家。


Bofeng Guo

Tianjin University, China

Biography: Bofeng Guo received the B.S. degree in surveying and mapping engineering from the Southeast University, Nanjing, in 2009 and the Ph.D. degree in Geodesy and Surveying Engineering from Wuhan University, Wuhan, in 2015. From 2015 to 2019, he was a research assistant with the First Monitoring and Application Center, China Earthquake Administration, P.R. China. Since January 2019, he has been a lecturer and associate professor of the School of Marine Science and Technology, Tianjin University. His research interests include GNSS precise positioning, GNSS-R remote sensing, GNSS seismology and applications.
Dr. Bofeng Guo was a recipient of the 2nd Level of “Tianjin 131 Innovative Talent Training Project” in 2018, and a member of the innovation team of the "Research on Earthquake Conception Process" of the China Earthquake Administration. He has published more than 30 high-level papers, presided over more than 10 projects, participated in 4 provincial and ministerial awards, and won the China Satellite Navigation Conference Second Best Academic Paper Award for Young Scientist in 2014.